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Once upon a time, before there was internet, I was given a block of turquoise Fimo and it had no effect on my life. As I had no idea of its potential, it slowly hardened in its ripped packaging while it lived in a drawer with my paints until eventually I threw it away.

It was not until 2009, when we were buying a small house in need of modernisation i.e. with wall paper falling off the walls and smelly carpets, that my mom suggested “denim” was a practical colour for new carpets. But what colour IS denim? I did a google image search and found a pendant by Jana Roberts Benzon called “Denim Goddess”. It was one of her dimensional pieces built using very detailed millefiori “Arabesque Canes”.

Denim Goddess Pendant

Denim Goddess Pendant by Jana Roberts Benzon

I was utterly amazed that something so beautiful was related to the inert block that had lived in my drawer for so long. How was it made with such detail? I must have found the word “millefiori” on her site and possibly even “polymer clay”. I do remember that although I had taken a day off work to pack up the house, my husband came home to find me in a darkened room still watching tutorial videos on youtube.

Two years later we still don’t have carpets, and we have to eat on our laps since the table is covered with polymer clay works in progress. I have found so many exciting tutorials and ideas for polymer clay on the internet that I now mourn the lost potential of that first turquoise clay, but I am glad that I now know more about what its value was.

Hopefully I will make my own discoveries that will be worth sharing here.