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I thought I was daft spending more time on the back of my latest pendant than I did on the front, but then I found an actual group on flickr dedicated to the backs of work! I can’t wait to see what other people have done.

Elemental Pendant

Elemental Pendant by C van Alphen

I made this for Ellygator’s contest “The Four Elements” on Deviant Art. See my submission for more about the concept.

Elemental Pendant in progress

Elemental Pendant after first baking

I sculpted and cured the gold areas of the front first, and for a while I dithered about whether to fill the channels with colours as I had planned, since I really liked the monochrome effect. I decide to proceed with the colours, and then sculpt the back so that the pendant would be reversible, one side including colours and the other more textural and only in gold.

I don’t think the pendant is very successful at being reversible, the bail still looks a bit functional and clumpy to me, but it does make an interesting back. I had to keep reminding myself that it was after all the back and make myself stop fiddling, otherwise I never would have finished.