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Woodgrain Natasha bead

Example woodgrain bead.

Following my previous post about making a round Natasha bead, I have a few variations that make more interesting patterns than the chopped scrap. Remember that since the Natasha method turns the bead inside out, you want an interesting middle.

Three layers of clay

Stack a few layers of clay together. The top and bottom colours will be most prominent in your finished bead

cut in half

Run the clay layers through the pasta machine and slice in half.

stacked layers

Stack the two halves of clay together and run through the pasta machine again.

Cut into strips

Repeat the stacking and runing through PM until your lines are as fine as you would like. Here I have 12 layers (4x each colour). I like to square up using grid paper and cut into equal length strips so that my beads will be the same size. These strips are 5mm x 70mm.

strip cut diagonally in half

Cut one of the strips diagonally in half (this does not need to be perfect it just allows different sized areas of stripes in the final bead.)Twist and coil one piece into a rough ball.

twist and wrap second piece

Twist and wrap the second piece around the first.

Strips squished into cube

Squish the strips into a cube and follow the steps for making into a Natasha bead. (It's a good idea to let the cube rest a little before cutting to make Natasha bead.)

Woodgrain round natasha bead

Cube turned inside out, and then made spherical

wood grain beads

Finished wood grain beads