Sometimes when I work I have a distinct idea of what I want to make – I can almost “see”  the next step, and at other times it’s a case of “I wonder what would happen if…”

Niobium Baroque Pendant

Niobium Baroque by Cate van Alphen

I really love this pendant. When I looked at the cabochon I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and the whole making just flowed. However when I posted images on the web, I got a resounding silence. I admit I don’t have a massive fan club, but this surprised me. I can only suppose something is lost in the photographs, or what I love about it is the fact that I was able to make my vision.

Ball pendant
The next pendant I really hate. My mother literally found this in my bucket of “junk to be covered again”, and she assures me it is widely admired. I think the problem I have with this one is my vision was along the lines of Kathleen Dustin’s beautiful work with luminous layers of sparkle and detail. This just looks gungy and dull to me because the transparent clay is too thick.

Pod Pendant

Pod Pendant by Cate van Alphen

The Pod Pendant was the result of “I wonder what happens if…?”.

I find myself rather indifferent to the result. I did not have a particular plan when I was making it, so I am spared disappointment, but I also don’t have anything to judge it against to determine if it is a success.

And now I wish I could remember how I did the pink zigzags!

My final image is a sneak peak at a (now late) birthday gift. With this one the stringing is causing me torment because I know exactly what I want but I can’t get it right. (All has been revealed in a later post).

So is it better to have a vision with all the accompanying prejudice and potential disappointment, or just muddle along and hope for a happy accident (that you then have to figure out how to repeat)?