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scrap cane slices

So for some reason I have been hoarding scrap cane slices (including the first cane I made). Occasionally I have wondered why, so imagine my delight in discovering the Stroppel cane (see the free tutorial video).

second iteration stroppel cane

Second iteration Stroppel cane (slices of Stroppel cane layered in alternate directions)

My next thought was “how can I use this in a Natasha bead?”

So I did second iteration i.e. making a Stroppel cane from slices of Stroppel cane layered in alternate directions to make cubes with a centre that would be interesting on all axes. (Please comment if this isn’t clear and I will try to explain better). I then proceeded with the steps to make a round Natasha bead.

Stroppel cane Natasha

Stroppel cane Natasha beads

*Edit – see my later post which explains with pictures.*