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Ok, so don’t laugh… but it has never occurred to me when looking at art on the internet that I could actually BUY it. I think somehow my brain did not equate the images with an actual thing* or perhaps I was worried I would fail the adoption criterion.

So imagine my surprise and delight today on receiving a REAL and STUNNING pendant. (This was the result of a conversation with my husband that went something along the following lines: “I want this pendant – you can buy it for me for Christmas.”)

Olivine and pyrite pendant

Olivine Pyrite Pendant by Chris Kapono

So now I just need to pack it away until Christmas… that’s what I’ll do… of course.

*When we flew to Brisbane by the time the plane was preparing for landing I had convinced myself that Australia was fictitious and panicking about where we would land (yes this was after more than 24hrs of traveling ). I’m not going to admit what I believed about Glasgow!