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Ok, so my previous post about how to make a Stroppel cane Natasha bead confused even me, so I will try again – this time with pictures. If you don’t know how to make a Stroppel cane, have a look at this free tutorial.

First make your Stroppel cane. Then make another but this time using slices of Stroppel cane.

Make a layer of Stroppel cane slices going in one direction

Add another layer of black and then place your slices at 90 degrees to the first layer.

Another layer of black, and more slices going in the other direction.

Repeat until you have a block to the thickness you want. Trim the edges and cut into cubes.

I like to offset my designs so there is a diagonal element to the finished pattern. Squish your cube roundish.

Squish back into a cube at an offset angle.

Cubes with offset squish ready for Natasha-ing

(See my post about how to make a round Natasha bead.)

Natasha cube

Natasha bead cube

Natasha bead round

Natasha bead round

Finish your bead as normal. Enjoy!