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So there has finally been a sunbeam that lasted long enough for me to photograph some examples of the Christmas gifts I made. (This is the first sunbeam since Christmas – I live in England!)

polymer clay covered bottles

Polymer clay covered bottles by Cate van Alphen

They are dropper bottles for essential oils. I added the polymer to clean empty bottles, and filled them up after they had baked. I made 10 bottles in all, 5 each of the two varieties. This is the pair I kept for myself 😉

Note if you are planning to try this yourself you need to leave the dropper part in when you are covering with the polymer clay. I didn’t do this so after I had filled the bottles and put the dropper back in the lids did not close as far as they had so the design was no longer aligned (I took it out again for the photo above). Since I only finished these on Christmas eve there was no time to do anything about it – rather disappointing 😦