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What do you do when you look after a baby full-time, can’t keep up with the housework, spend all day doing laundry and are trying to pack your house for moving? Sign up for jewellery challenges – obviously!

Bead Soup Blog Party

Since September I have been determined to enter the next Bead Soup Blog party. This time it is going to be on a lottery system, so I may not even get to participate, therefore it’s not going to take up any time at all. Honestly. Registration is now open, but really forget I mentioned it – there’s only 200 places and I want one! 🙂

In addition to this I discovered a new challenge for 2012 on Flickr – 52 pairs or earrings a year, only hours after thinking my earring set was a bit lacking with only 4 photos. I even had a pair of beads I had put aside to make into earrings, but I hadn’t got round to it.

I am hoping the challenge will give me some focus to complete items, without stressing me out too much and making me feel that desperate panicked “HAVE to” i.e. become work. Also I struggle to photograph earrings, so hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be better at that.

Lace garden earrings

Garden through Lace Earrings by Cate van Alphen

The inspiration behind these beads is viewing a garden through lace curtains. The beads are polymer clay with a layer of floral paper covered with polymer clay lace cane in transparent and white. I was worried the paper layer would make them intolerant of water, so I dunked them in water for about half an hour with no ill effects (so I would think they are at least splash resistant).