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When it comes to polymer I seem to have more ideas than time so I tend to make one bead to test an idea and then end up doing something else. The result is that I have a lot of orphan beads. I finally got some beading wire to practice with, and since I was supposed to be making a pendant, I ended up making a bracelet.

Charm bracelet

Odd One In bracelet by Cate van Alphen

Did I get to practice wire work to the point of getting sore hands? Yes! Do I have less orphan beads in the bucket? Yes! Do I like it? No! Oh well, it was good experience. I expect I will dismantle it at a later point when I am supposed to be doing something else.

Incomplete earring

I almost managed to make a pair of earrings (by taking out a link that really wasn’t working), except that I had only drilled and polished one of the three matching lentil beads (so into the UFO* bucket for now). Good thing I have an earring challenge to motivate me to finish this.

*UFO = unfinished object