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I have a real problem with production work – I start off intending to make 50 beads for a necklace and after I have made 4 or so I get bored and start to wonder what they would look like as cubes or with yellow polka dots. This results in a lot of orphan beads which, until now, I haven’t known quite what to do with.

Recognizing my weakness I tried to think where one-off unique beads would be an asset rather than something slightly awkward, and it came to me – wine glass charms! The whole point of them is that each one should be different. Suddenly it felt like my wayward sons, whom I love dearly, but just didn’t know what to do with anymore, had gone off to the colonies and made good (I have been watching a lot of period drama recently!).

Wine glass charms

Making these got rather addictive, so now I have a shiny new Wine Charm section in my Zibbet shop.

Handmade wine glass charms