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If Hollywood can do it, so can I… For this week’s 52 Earrings challenge I have remade a pair of earrings I originally made for an 80s fancy dress party. I made the earrings to co-ordinate with a top I had, and while I was pleased with the pattern on the oversized disks the design had a major flaw which I only noticed when I saw pictures of the party…

Me at fancy dress party Original earrings

The disks were attached to the earwires with thread through a loop of black seed beads and a pink polymer bead. The problem was that they kept rotating and facing the wrong way.

My solution was to make a new disk with an earing post embedded in it and link the two with wire. Hopefully this will prevent the 360° rotation.

New design earring

I actually started this remake back in week 14 (it’s now week 22) with pink dots and wire, which really didn’t work for these earrings at all and became a separate pair. It’s taken me this long to get black wire and try again.

Pink earrings