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This blog post contains very little artistic merit, but it does show that polymer clay is the answer to everything (almost).

A few weeks ago we bought a vintage display case, and the only place it would fit in the house was on the landing at the top of the stairs. Unfortunately either the floor slopes (it’s an old house) or the carpets are folded under along the wall, the result is that when the cabinet was against the wall it leaned forward precariously.

Display cabinet leaning forward

Note the box of books supporting the front of the cabinet as it leans forward.

My usual solution for wobbly tables and sloping bookcases is a wad of folded paper. This would not work here as the cabinet has spindly ball and claw legs, and as it was at the top of the stair case, any corrective measures would be at eye level as you came up the stairs. Polymer clay to the rescue!

Polymer clay cabinet shoes

We turned the cabinet upside down, and I sculpted clay in a matching brown colour to the shape of the cabinet feet. I then made disks of black clay and baked them separately (I didn’t have a lot of brown and wanted to ensure I had enough to cover the finished shoes). When the clay was cured we returned the cabinet to its sloping home and I added disks until the cabinet stood straight (half an inch thick!). Finally I gave the shoes a camouflaging coat of brown.

Cabinet with platform shoes

Finished “shoe” on the cabinet. (The cabinet came with the dodgy repair job to the top of the leg.)

The finished “shoes” are not particularly beautifully, but they are fairly unobtrusive, and the cabinet now stands straight and proud.

Cabinet standing straight

Now I just need to make some beautiful things that are worthy of being displayed…