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Again this month’s ABS challenge piece cross-pollinated with this week’s 52 Earrings theme – Frida Kahlo. When she was young Frida was in a tram crash which left her in constant pain and unable to have children. This particularly affected me as last weekend I had a miscarriage myself – I was only 8 weeks pregnant so it was not as bad as Frida’s experience, but it did mean when I saw this month’s inspiration piece I saw emptiness and loneliness.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

ABS inspiration painting
“Nighthawks” (1942) by Edward Hopper

Henry Ford Hospital by Frida Kahlo

“Henry Ford Hospital” (1932) by Frida Kahlo

Focal bead detail

The focal bead is polymer clay inspired by the architecture of the curved diner window and the view through the window to the street behind. It is open and empty. The wire spirals are links of DNA chains – broken and missing. The ribbon is blood.

Necklace by Cate van Alphen

“Gone” by Cate van Alphen

Green spiral earrings

Matching earrings

I didn’t actually want a memento of the miscarriage, but this is what came to me. “Playing with polymer” (as I call it) is keeping me distracted, so I’m not about to tell the muse to go away and come back with something better. Perhaps when I am ready, I will dismantle it.