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This month’s Virtual Paintout location is Thailand. It is a really interesting location and I wish I had more time to explore, but I haven’t even managed to finish the painting I started.

**Edit – I’ve now finished this painting.**

Polymer clay painting of jungle

This is actually only the background half of my picture as I’m only just starting to work on the interesting bits (have a look at the original location to see what I mean). Here is a look at the work in progress.

Polymer clay painting in progress

As you can see the painting is pretty tiny – 10cm x 10 cm. I started off with 6 colour mixes (see the tiles to the right of the painting) plus black and white. I made some skinner blends to increase my colour variety as I haven’t managed to get them to mix nicely on the canvas (as I used to do with oils). The flowers are pure carmine from the packet.

I’m working on a thin sheet of pale blue polymer which has been baked, on which I’ve drawn pencil guide lines. I prefer to do the whole painting before curing as I often go back and change earlier bits as I progress but at this point I’m worried the uncured clay will crack if I don’t finish soon.

I still intend to finish this painting so there will be another blog about it eventually. In the mean time have a look at the flickr group to see some other finished polymer clay paintings.

I also need to work on my Bead Soup pieces – due 11 August. At the moment I have actually finished some pieces but they don’t use either the toggle or the focals I received (I received a LOT of beads!).