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So my blog has been pretty quiet as I’ve been feeling too exhausted to make anything new. I have been most distressed at missing the 52 Earrings Challenge as each week I’ve been reminded that yet again I’ve failed.

For some reason it felt like cheating to simply put beads onto a headpin to make earrings, so I was stalling. Finally on Wednesday I decided that it was better to make SOMETHING even if it wasn’t astoundingly innovative. It turns out that I have only missed 5 weeks of the Earring challenge, and I was able to make more than enough to catch up.

Two pairs of earrings with orange/lime beads Two pairs of earrings with pink/purple beads

Green bead earrings Turquoise and purple beads Pink and gold earrings

It feels good to have caught up, and hopefully I can keep up for the remaining 8 pairs of earrings. What? Only 8 weeks till the end of the year! 😮