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I started making a pair of earrings for the ABS October monthly challenge inspired by the painting “Revolving” by Kirt Schwitters. I loved the painterly colours and the geometry of the repeating circles.

Revolving by Kirt Schwitters

ABS Inspiration painting
“Revolving” (1919) by Kirt Schwitters

My idea was to make something similar to an earlier pair of earrings but using the colours of the painting and creating a circular shape. Unfortunately the earrings stalled because the blobby tail made them look like digits or inverted commas. They completely lost the geometry and elegance of the inspiration painting.

Polymerclay shapes being cut for earrings

It wasn’t until after the challenge deadline had passed that it occurred to me to cut off the tail (which I’ve kept for another pair of earrings). It’s amazing what a big difference something so simple can make.

Green polymer clay earrings

The earrings are actually more exciting when worn as they (quite fittingly) revolve and reveal flashes of the copper colour on the other side.