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Unusually this year I did not make Christmas gifts for all the family (actually I have hardly made anything this month). But I was commissioned to make a custom necklace using a given design, which now that Christmas is over I can show. It was an interesting challenge to make a cane to a specific design as I usually just make them up as I go with the only requirement being “to be pretty”. While I was confident that it could be done in polymer clay, I was slightly less convinced that I could do it!


In the end I did manage to do it by working very slowly. I made one 6th of the design which I flipped and joined up to complete the kaleidoscope pattern. I was fairly pleased with the results, although I miscalculated the height of the cane so I had to reduce it before I could cut and join up the sections resulting in some visible “seams”.


I hope you had a joyous Christmas. Wishing you all the best in the New Year.