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The Scottish Polymer Clay Guild has started a monthly themed challenge. For January the theme is “Blue”. I decided to make a mini painting – my idea was faux basse-taille meets Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.


While I am happy enough with the colours and the image, unfortunately the metallic effect has largely been lost. I used a base of scrap clay and dusted it with silver powder, then I applied liquid polymer with added alcohol inks. I think my mistake was that I didn’t bake the base before adding the liquid clay so the metallic powder lifted and got mixed in with the glaze.


“January Blue” by Cate van Alphen
Polymer Clay, 6.5cm x 5.5cm

blister02After it was baked I tried to clarify the liquid clay glaze by using a heat gun. Sadly this did not improve it much and caused blisters to appear. I’m not sure if the heat gun was too hot, too close or used too long. Does anyone have any advice?