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Let me warn you I’m over-tired and grumpy and my mojo is frustrated and exhausted. I’ve had a difficult month*, so my offering is mainly to prove to myself that I’m not dead.

Owl on Gingko Branch (Scops Owl Under Crescent Moon) 1915
Ohara Koson
Woodblock Print on Paper

Here is this month’s inspiration painting for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.


I made the owl beads from polymer clay using a mould I had made previously for earrings and coloured them according to the painting. I used some silver glass beads with a pattern that reminded me of branches. The earrings are quite sweet but hardly GREAT ART.

*Some gory details of the month: my dad had a heart attack (he’s home now on medication). Our new baby is not growing (we spent a week in hospital, now trying to wean her but she will only eat fruit). She is also suffering from eczema and needs her hands held at night to stop her scratching. Older daughter and I have had a terrible cough with associated aches and pains (or maybe I’m just stiff from holding hands all night).