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Back in May I decided to make a necklace using a pendant I had made with a yellow flower. At the time I had hardly any yellow beads so I specially ordered a sunshine mix of yellows and oranges. I ended up with a lot of leftover beads, so I decided to bead a necklace for my Fire Moon pendant.

Fire Moon pendant

Fire Moon pendant, polymer clay and glass nuggets by Cate van Alphen

My first attempt was a multi-strand necklace with a beaded toggle. There was nothing wrong with the necklace, but it just didn’t suit the pendant.

beaded toggle

So I tried again including burgundy ribbon and silk yarn and I was happier with the result.

Fire Moon necklace

I still had the first attempt necklace which now demanded a pendant, so I made a sheet of mokume gane to match the colours of the beads. I made several pendants (some still unfinished) until I settled on a large barrel bead pendant.

polymer clay pendant

unfinished pendants

unfinished pendants

Barrel bead necklace

Barrel bead necklace

What I find interesting is that now that it’s October those sunshiny Summer yellows look like fiery Autumn foliage. It just shows what a different perspective can do. Lately my glass has been half empty – I’m trying to see it full again.