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When I did my demo for making a Christmas ornament, as I made a mobius shape, instead of stretching, the clay tore (I think because it was cold). So I quickly made up a plain white and gold version using white Kato clay instead of Fimo Classic which I usually use. When I got home I baked the ornament on some polyester batting on a tile in my oven (just as I had done for the others). Sadly it distorted under its own weight and the tip popped open.

distorted ornament

Since I never leave a man behind, I thought I would see if I could remedy some of the disaster. First I drilled through the tip so I could squeeze the pieces together and wire it up (I had needed to do this with some of my Fimo ornaments too – I must remember to add a drop of liquid clay!). First the sides cracked, then the tip shattered as I twisted the wire together! To be fair I hadn’t cured the Kato clay at its full temperature since the gold clay was Fimo which is not supposed to go above 130° C.

cracked ornament

I wasn’t quite ready to give up yet, so I suspended the ornament on a bead pin over a small glass and cured it again. My idea was to see if the weight of the ornament would pull the shape out when the clay got hot again.

suspended ornament

Don’t do this!

Before it even reached curing temperature the other tip snapped off and the ornament plopped to the bottom of the glass! It was just as squashed, and there were now even more cracks. NOW I was ready to give up. 😦

broken ornament

I thought I’d see how the Fimo ornament coped with being cured on a pin, so I dug out the square of uncured clay I had used in the demo (the one that had torn). I healed up the tears using my magic parchment paper and piece of card (the same method I use to smooth a surface sheet).

Sure enough this one also tore through, so the ornament ended up getting cured at the bottom of the glass (and didn’t squish). I cut off the torn point and drilled perpendicular so I could add a wire loop. The other tip also opened up with this one but I was able to wire it together without causing cracks and I added a bead dangle.

ornament with bead

There is a small scar visible in the metallic clay, but overall I’d say this one survived.

I wondered if a cardboard egg box would make a good support to cure these ornaments? Otherwise I’m afraid my advice is: stick to Fimo Classic clay.