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Last month I didn’t manage to make an ABS monthly challenge piece because I was working on my Bead Soup*, so I’m pleased to present one this month. The inspiration painting is from 1741, the Rococo era.

Capriccio Padovano, 1741 by Bernardo Bellatto

Capriccio Padovano, 1741 by Bernardo Bellatto
Oil on Canvas 19.3″ x 28.7″ (49 x 73 cm)

For my colours I used the periwinkle blue of the sky and, in place of the yellow ochre of the brickwork, gold (because when I think Rococo too much gold is not enough). Then I thought of the Rococo interiors and I made a pattern like fossil rich marble.

blue and gold polymer clay beads

I made a polymer clay focal that also functions as a toggle.

polymer clay focal toggle

It comes together as a necklace.

blue and gold necklace

But since I seem to get lucky when I make bracelets for the ABS challenges it can also be worn as a multi-wrap bracelet (cunning eh?).

polymer clay bead bracelet

blue and gold multi wrap bracelet

I can’t wait to see what they have next month as inspiration.

* I’m giving away a set of beads as part of my Bead Soup Blog Party reveal, entries available until the end of May.