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This week I have been inspired to make some polymer clay kaleidoscope canes by Teresa Pandora Salgado’s class on the Virtual Retreat.

Teresa Pandora Salgado

I’m surprised I don’t make more canes since this is what originally got me hooked on polymer clay. I’m pleased with how these came out – I think the patterns look like designs from antique biscuit tins.

Polymer clay canes by Cate van Alphen

Polymer clay canes by Cate van Alphen

Unfortunately as I was a bit impatient with mixing colours and blends I didn’t end up with as much cane as I’d like, so I don’t know if I will get to try scayning (sculpting + caning) with these. I’m planning to use these in toggles for my 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge so I want to focus on the engineering of that without the added dimension of petals.

I can picture some fantastic focal pendants though… [Insert more TIME here!]