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I’m a little bit late posting my colour recipes for the next step in my 2015 Spectrum Year (if you don’t mind, just hop in your time machine and read this last Tuesday). We went away for the weekend and all of a sudden it was time for indigo! I’m beginning to suspect that I could spend a whole year on each palette :o.

These recipes are for Fimo Professional, and the numbers represent percentages. I wrote a blog explaining how I use them for mixing colours.

markethues4Indigo palette swatches

Mid Blue Grey

  • 65 white
  • 10 true magenta
  • 23.5 true blue
  • 1.5 black

Dark Blue

  • 30 true magenta
  • 70 true blue


  • 59.5 true magenta
  • 39.5 true blue
  • 1 black


  • 50 white
  • 17 true yellow
  • 25 true red
  • 8 black


  • 99 white
  • 0.45 true yellow *
  • 0.05 true green *
  • 0.5 black

* (0.5% mix of 90 true yellow 10 true green)

Light Grey

  • 95 white
  • 1.5 true magenta
  • 3.5 true blue

The colours don’t adhere very strictly to the inspiration palette because I wanted the schemes to play nicely together. I decided to increase the differences between the indigo and the purple palettes so the purples are more blue. I also desaturated the green to a beige colour rather than introduce another green (the ones in the green palette were too bright for the other colours).

Yum, those hints of purple are starting to make me drool :).