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Last night I finally got to try out my new Genesis heat set paints. I haven’t dared try to paint recently, since with little children I know as soon as I’ve mixed up some colours I’ll get called away and they will be left to dry out on my palette. Because the Genesis paints remain usable until heat set, I thought they’d be a safer option. I decided to buy them with my birthday money, but I wanted to wait until after we’d moved. My birthday is in February so there has been some antici… … pation!

Hello world by Cate van Alphen

Hello World by Cate van Alphen

So here’s my first little painting. It’s really just a little doodle for me to test out the spectrum of colours. I think I need to get a magenta to pep up the purple since the one I mixed from red and blue was not bright enough for me (I think the red is too warm). The yellow is pretty warm too so I couldn’t get a cool green. I think I’ve gotten used to mixing with 5 primary colours (from using the Fimo Professional True Colours range).