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Now that I have started on my last colour palette of 2015, I have been thinking about a challenge for next year. I have a large collection of glass jars that I have been saving hoarding with the idea of covering them with polymer clay. I also have tutorials for inros that I’ve never tried. So my plan is to make a vessel* every week, starting in 2016.


I haven’t got a pretty picture to add, since I haven’t made anything yet! But I have made a flickr group in case anyone wants to join in (or just follow along). I’ll be using hashtag #ArtVessel.

*My definition of a vessel includes anything rigid you can put something into; so in addition to the obvious bowls, bottles and vases, it includes decorative boxes, miniature teapots, inros, lockets or even poison rings. I consider textile items that are not reinforced to hold their shape bags or pouches rather than vessels.