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This week as my art vessel for my 2016 Polymer Clay challenge, I made glass jar into a lantern for a candle. I covered the jar with angelina fibres and used black polymer clay to frame the windows. For some reason it came out more linear than I had planned. Perhaps I’ll make another one with more organic decorations and spirals across the windows.

Candle jar by Cate van Alphen

I have a suspicion that glass jars covered in polymer clay need windows cut out to allow for expansion while baking to prevent cracking. As I had hoped, this time the polymer clay on the jar did not crack. I gave the polymer clay a liberal dusting of mica powders to co-ordinate with the iridescent fibres.

Candle jar by Cate van Alphen

I’m not particularly happy about how the inside of the top of the jar looks, but I was worried about adding polymer clay where it would be exposed to the heat of the candle. It is less exciting than I’d hoped when illuminated from within.

Candle jar by Cate van Alphen

For my next project I am planning something smaller. Hopefully I will be finished in time to blog about it on Thursday.

I am still sanding my inro…