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This week, for my 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge, I have finished the lantern I started back in week 10. What I had in mind was something like medieval reliquary – all encrusted with gold and gems.

Glass and polymer clay lantern by Cate van Alphen

Glass and polymer clay lantern by Cate van Alphen

Halfway through decorating the jar I thought of something that might make the snakes less clumpy looking, but I decided to continue as I had begun. It was a bit of an exercise in stamina. I’ll experiment on something smaller like nugget pendants to see if my new idea is an improvement.

Glass and polymer clay lantern detail

The ribbon around the top is still on probation. I didn’t want a big slab of polymer clay to hide the thread for the jar lid. I had originally planned to wrap it with beads, however after working on the jar for 3 weeks, I just wanted something to finish it off quickly!

Candle lantern by Cate van Alphen

This lantern is much more interesting than my previous one when lit from within 🙂

Earrings by Anna Bragina

Earrings by Anna Bragina

While I was working on the lantern I found these beautiful earrings by Anna Bragina. I thought they looked like an elegant take on the look I was going for. I like the minimal bezels. Why didn’t I think of that?