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This week’s vessel is pretty late. I did finish it yesterday morning, but I wanted to wait till it was dark to take photos because it’s another candle lantern. I used one of my spoonflower fabric test swatches on a glass jar with an edging of polymer clay. I wanted something a bit irregular, but also something that would maximise the windows.

Mixed media candle lantern by Cate van Alphen

Mixed media candle lantern by Cate van Alphen

Candle lantern by Cate van Alphen

Lantern with lit candle inside

I used flourescent pink acrylic paint to highlight the texture of the polymer clay, because who doesn’t have neon pink decor – right? The photo under UV light doesn’t really look like it does to my eye, but it does show the glow.

Lantern by Cate van Alphen under UV light

Lantern under UV light

I lined the inside of the mouth of the jar with scraps of fabric before adding the polymer clay around the outside. I was concerned about the safety of having polymer clay on the inside of the jar with the heat of a candle inside. I think it looks a bit more finished than just leaving clear glass with polymer clay on the outside.

Candle jar by Cate van Alphen