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Things have been a bit hectic with the school holidays, so I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog. I haven’t had a chance to make anything in polymer clay but I have been experimenting with crochet. I found some beautifully fine yarn that changes colour along the length so I made some tiny granny squares for earrings.

Crochet earrings by Cate van Alphen

I left the squares for the first earrings soft, so I’m testing them to see how floppy or distorted they get when worn.

Crochet Earrings by Cate van Alphen

The next crochet squares are on wire frames so I was able to tweak the shape a little and make them slightly shorter and wider.

Crochet earrings by Cate van Alphen

I used a smaller granny square and added a scalloped edge to the last pair. They look quite tidy from the back too.