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I am excited to finally reveal the charms I made for Jen Cameron’s Art Charm Exchange. The theme this year was Fairytales. My charms were inspired by the story of the Frog Prince.

Frog charm by Cate van Alphen

On one side there is a simple little frog on a lily pad, but on the other side…

Charms by Cate van Alphen

…there are hidden gems. The shining nuggets represent the princess’s bauble and also the more valuable prince concealed within the frog.

Charms by Cate van Alphen

In the story, the princess was only interested in getting her bauble back and made promises that she had no intention of keeping. But by completing her obligation, however reluctantly, she was rewarded (if we assume that marrying a prince is a reward). Perhaps if she had been less focussed on her bauble it would have occurred to her that there is more to a talking frog than meets the eye. If so she may have acted in a more princessly way.

Remember that you shouldn’t let the pursuit of baubles blind you to the wondrous things that you already have (like perhaps a talking frog).

Charms by Cate van Alphen

I made the charms from polymer clay and small glass nuggets. I sculpted every frog (and leaf) by hand so they are each unique.

Frog charm by Cate van Alphen

And teeny tiny!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has made.

Alenka Obid
Andrea Glick
Angelique Gentry
Brooke Bock
Caroline Dewison
Cassi Paslick
Catherine van Alphen
Charlene Jacka
Helena Hatten
Jen Cameron
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Kathy Lindemer
Leona Smith
Lesley Watt
Lori Anderson
Marianne Baxter
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle McCarthy
Patty Miller
Shai Williams
Sheila Prosterman
Susan Kennedy
Terri Del Signore
Vanessa Gilkes

If you would like to have a charm for yourself, check out the auction (which will be starting soon) where your bids will help raise money for Beads of Courage.