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A few years ago I gave my sister a necklace. At the time I was experimenting with silk ribbon. Unfortunately, although the colour matched fantastically well there were some structural issues. Firstly the beads were able to slip over the knots intended to separate them, secondly the larks head knot securing the pendant kept sliding to the back and flipping the pendant, and finally three years later the silk was not aging well.

Ribbon necklace by Cate van Alphen

Before – beads strung on silk ribbon.

Therefore I have just restrung it on some fine nylon cords. The colour is not as pretty as the jade ribbon, but I have included some macrame knots at the pendant which will hopefully ensure that it sits better.

Necklace by Cate van Alphen

After – beads on nylon cord with macrame bail.

Necklace by Cate van Alphen

Necklace by Cate van Alphen

If you are interested, there is a free tutorial here on my blog where I make this polymer clay pendant.