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I haven’t done a blog post in a while – this is because I haven’t been making anything new. Here’s why:

Embarrassingly this mess is not because I’ve just moved house, it’s layers of stuff that I’ve been shifting around to different surfaces so that I can work somewhere else. However since the rest of the room is in a similar state, there’s now nowhere else to shift to.  Combine this with my New Year’s good intentions and a birthday marking a new decade, I have been focussing on tidying up and getting things under control. It’s slow going since I can only do a little bit before I feel the panic building and I have to stop and do something else.

Since I don’t want to leave you with such a ghastly image, here’s one of the projects I’ve finally gotten around to doing. These were supposed to be Christmas gifts for my children. Yes it’s February!

Unicorn plushie

My girls were very specific about the designs they wanted so I thought it would be easier to make them than to scour the shops for “a baby white unicorn, lying down, with a purple mane and a golden horn and golden hooves and rainbow wings”. A pink and yellow butterfly was easier, but I figured since I was already making one…

Butterfly plushie

I got my designs printed by Spoonflower on minky fabric. Since the cost was similar to get two fat quarters as a whole yard, I did the two together and filled the background with a design combining the unicorn and the butterfly (this fabric is now available on Spoonflower).

Unicorn and butterfly fabric

My sewing on the plushies was pretty abysmal, so I decided to practice some more. I cut out a few of the motifs from the background fabric and made an even smaller unicorn.

Unicorn plushiesI had to do blanket stitch around the outside since it was too small for an inner seam. I was tempted to put a bail on this and make it into a necklace, but my daughter has claimed this one too.

Tiny unicorn plushie

I also made another butterfly. I’m not sure if this is a pin cushion or a toy. It’s gone too.

Butterfly cushion