2015 Spectrum Year

For 2015 I have decided to divide the year up into 7 blocks and focus on one colour of the spectrum at a time. I am combining this challenge with Katie Oskin’s 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, so each week I will complete at least one jewellery component i.e. focal, toggle or beads in the current colour.

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Pendant, cabochon or large bead (1″ or larger).
Toggle, button or other closure method.
Spacer beads or accent beads up to 1″ diameter.


1 January – 21 February
Autumn View
Colour Recipes

week 1 Orange colour block pendant week 2 retro tile bead week 3 retro toggle week 4 beads week 5 focal week 6 bead week 7 toggle week 8 bead


22 February – 14 April
Sunny Hues
Colour Recipes

week 9 Yellow zigzag pendant week 10 yellow mokume gane beads week 11 yellow mokume gane buckles week 12 bead week 13 focal week 14 bead week 15 toggle


15 April – 5 June
Rice Field Hues
Colour Recipes

week 16 focal week 17 beads week 18 toggle week 19 bead week 20 focal week 21 beads week 22 toggle week 23 bead


6 June – 27 July
Global Hues
Colour Recipes

week 24 focal week 25 bead week 26 toggle week 27 bead week 28 focal week 29 beads week 30 toggle


28 July – 17 September
Market Hues
Colour Recipes

week 31 focal week 32 bead week 33 toggle week 34 bead week 35 focal week 36 beads week 37 toggle week 38 bead


18 September – 8 November
Produced Tones
Colour Recipes

week 39 focal week 40 bead week 41 toggle week 42 bead week 43 focal week 44 bead week 45 toggle


9 November – 31 December
Berry Hues
Colour Recipes

week 46 focal week 47 bead week 48 toggle week 49 bead week 50 focal week 51 bead week 52 toggle

Some of these beads, and jewellery made using them, are available in my Folksy shop.


7 thoughts on “2015 Spectrum Year”

  1. Great idea to have a plan, Cate. I’m usually not that organized but I may follow you’re example and think systematically. Love your colour palettes. Thanks for the nudge to start me thinking ahead instead of leaving it to the last minute.

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