Free Tutorials

This page has links to the tutorials I have blogged so far (new ones are at the bottom since some follow on from previous tutorials):

Large foil core bead

How to make a foil core bead

Round Natasha Bead

How to make a Natasha bead round

Wood grain Natasha bead

Wood grain variation of round Natasha bead.

Ball of string bead

Ball of string variation of round Natasha bead

Stroppel cane Natasha bead

Stroppel cane variation of round Natasha bead

Hollow doughnut pendant

How to make a hollow doughnut pendant

Front of finished pendant

Improved hollow doughnut pendant

Marble cane

Marble cane

Veneer beads

Veneer beads


Mobius ornament

Mobius Christmas Ornament

Sanding tip

Sanding tip

Mokume gane sheet

Mokume gane sheet

I hope there will be more soon!

6 thoughts on “Free Tutorials”

  1. thank u so much!!

  2. Roberta Sorensen said:

    Thanks-this is a great tut-great photos.

  3. Hi, is there any way you could put your MokumeGane doughnut video on your website. I’m trying to get it on my tablet and I can’t. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what but I probably am because I’m new to this (tablet). Thank you very much

    • I Kathy, I don’t actually have the videos as they were done as a demo in a shop so they are on the shop’s youtube channel. I could give you the youtube web links and you could watch directly there if that helps.

  4. You can download any video you want with an app called “keepvid” –


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