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This is simply a “what I’ve been doing” post (I do find these interesting on other people’s blogs, so maybe someone else will find this interesting).

So… I have made another wishpot – this time in purple as requested by the recipient (I love purple so this was no problem). 🙂

Purple Wishpot by Cate van Alphen

Probably the most time consuming part was the cord which I braided myself (using a kumihimo disk).

polymer clay toggle claspFollowing the Bead Soup Blog Party (which I am STILL looking through) I realize that a clasp can (and should) be much more than a cheap finding you add on at the end. Therefore I made a matching toggle with polymer clay and wove two different ribbons into the kumihimo braid as I worked to form loops along the whole length. This means the necklace can be worn at different lengths (by selecting a ribbon loop where you want to join) and the toggle can be a decorative element in it’s own right.

Purple Wishpot

Purple Wishpot by Cate van Alphen

P.S. Happy Birthday 😉