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Here is my Art Vessel for week 9 of 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge. Back in week 8, I decided to make a trinket box because I thought it would be a quicker project that I could finish in a week. It didn’t really turn out that way but I’m pleased with the finished box.

White poppy trinket box by Cate van Alphen

I decorated it with a white poppy like the one I made for my ring back in November. Perhaps the box is a home for the ring?

Inside trinket box by Cate van Alphen

On the underside of the lid I have written “Love Forgive Understand” with a circle below. The circle is a symbol of the earth, it is a reminder that we all live together so peace (or the lack of it) affects us all. It is also a wish that we learn to love and understand our earth and ask for her forgiveness.

Poppy trinket box by Cate van Alphen

I chose to represent the anthers of the flower with wire as a symbol of something hostile and defensive (like barbed wire) becoming life-giving and full of potential (like pollen).