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So it’s nearly halfway through the 2016 Polymer Clay challenge and I am still finding my vessels something of a struggle. While it’s great to push the comfort zone, it has occurred to me that perhaps following the comfort zone for a little bit is how an artist develops their “look”. I’m imagining a miner following a mineral seam instead of digging through bedrock the whole time.

Currently my comfort zone is making earrings, so this week I have made a pair of “vessel” earrings.

Polymer clay vessel earrings by Cate van Alphen

Vessel earrings by Cate van Alphen

They are not particularly functional vessels, unless you need a place to transport a tiny fairy or perhaps you need to collect pollen like a bumble bee.

Earrings by Cate van Alphen

The green cup and saucer are polymer clay and the blue beads are glass. As usual they are on niobium hooks.